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PPC Services

Our team possesses a data-led approach to the PPC for maximizing ROI

Take you in front

This advertising brings you above the search results. PPC advertisement will be the very first thing that a visitor will see when they start their search. You can easily convert them into buyer as you are the first suitable option for thier requirements.

Attract quality traffic

Traffic on the search engine is the finest traffic as people are looking for the solution you solve. You can easily pull that traffic to your business. You do not have to make any extra efforts in your advertisements as they are interested in your business.

Boost web traffic

PPC can significantly boost site traffic. You can bring thousands of clicks to your portal. But the best thing is the visitors who are clicking on your advertisements are the people who are genuinely interested in products or services provided by you.

Best Conversion Rates

PPC traffic has a better possibility to convert than any other source of online traffic. The fact, traffic has the finest conversion rates for most of the sites. When you position yourself on the search engine, you position the business to get more conversions.

What is Pay Per Click?

PPC is an abbreviated form of Pay-Per-Click. It is a model of web advertising in which the advertiser has to pay a certain amount each time when his ad is clicked by the user/surfer.

It is a method of purchasing visits to your website, rather than trying to earn the visits organically. The most common PPC ad format shows on search result pages of the search engine such as Bing or Google.

How we plan for your Business PPC

Select correct bid tactics

As the bid strategy lays the foundation for the campaign, therefore, it should be selected wisely. We check your goals, know your interest and then decide whether you need a strategy based on conversion, impression, click and interaction.

Show ad at right time

We try to find out what exactly your competitors are doing well to rank better than you. Based on that, we start making and implementing the tactics to boost our site ranking.

Rotate the ads

When we create multiple ads then it is not possible to display all of them at once. That is why we create ad rotation. We use all the four options that we have for optimization such as for clicks, for conversions, for even rotation and indefinite rotation.

Target regions carefully

Google Adwords know that when it needs to show particular ads on a person’s GPS location or IP address. We check that if you have a traditional store then you wish to target the local area. And if you own a national level business then you want to reach to the entire nation.

Utilize effective device targeting

Almost all the people in this world are using mobile. We create ads that accommodate mobile and other devices that are widely used by us. Our team ensures that if we are directing the user to the landing page then it must be mobile-friendly.

Adjust the bids

We change the frequency of how the ads are shown that is based on the factors such as methods, time and location users utilize to do web searching. You can change the bid percentage. For example, if your audience is searching on a smartphone, you can increase the bid when users search on device.

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